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Drainage Solutions, Inc. began in 1997 under the leadership of Terry Noriega and his wife, Stephanie.   By the time July of 1997 rolled around, Terry had been working in the PVF industry all of his professional life and had amassed a wealth of knowledge and industry contacts in the field.   There were a lot of decisions to be made about the direction the fledgling business would take, but one thing was certain: taking good care of the people who chose to do business with Drainage Solutions, Inc. was the primary goal.   The couple was careful not to overextend themselves so as to ensure their ability to treat their customers well.


The first product grouping they decided to offer was a line of steel grates manufactured by the US Steel Fabricating company.   Marketed primarily to golf course builders and golf course superintendents, the grates proved to be a solid foundation on which to build.   A natural progression of growth ensued, often directed by customer requests, and the infant enterprise blossomed.   Today Drainage Solutions, Inc. is a bustling corporation, fueled by a staff of energetic, caring people who still have excellent customer service as their primary goal.   Welcome to our web site- we look forward to working with you!